How to Make a Hydroseeder Yourself Easily

Hydroseeding is an excellent way to revegetate large areas of soil. Typically, this is done on a large scale by operators using expensive machinery. 

How do you make a Hydroseeder at home?

I fiddled around quite a bit and discovered that a prawn/shrimp pump and a bucket ot hydroseeding slurry works quite well for small jobs.

What is the mix for hydroseeding?

I used 1 gallon milled compost, a cup cake flour, and three cups of lawn grass seed.

 I added a cup of lime once the whole thing was mixed and then added a cup of a fertilizer very similar to this.

I have tried this after using the prawn pump method above.

Can you Hydroseed by hand?

Can you Hydroseed with a garden hose?

The mixture I used would not go through a garden hose without a very strong pump. 

If you are only going to hydroseed a small area there is no logical reason to build a hydroseeding rig. 

How to Make a Hydroseeder Yourself Easily

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