How To Make Bird Food At Home

Are you looking for how to make bird food recipes that attract feathery visitors to your garden throughout the cold winter months?

How To Make Bird Food – Foods To Include

Here are a few safe foods to use when making bird food ...

Fruits. Apples and berries are very delicious and nutritious.   Peanuts and peanut butter. Birds adore peanuts but be sure to use only the unsalted and roasted varieties.  Seeds. Sunflower and nyger seeds are highly nutritious to birds, with each favored by different species of birds. 

Stale or mouldy bread.  Many bird lovers fall into the lie that they can feed the birds with stale bread.  Milk.  Milk is bad because birds are not able to digest it.  This means it is likely to make them sick, and in some instances, it can even be fatal. 

Bird Foods To Avoid

How To Make Bird Food

Now that you know what ingredients to use and which ones to avoid, you can make your homemade bird food as nutritious as possible. 

Now that you know how to make bird food, you might be wondering why it is essential to attract birds to your home. There are many reasons why it is beautiful to have birds in your yard; they include ...

Benefits Of Attracting Birds To Your Yard

Yes, it is fine to feed bags during the cold winter months. Supplemental food helps the birds during this challenging season when there is nothing much to eat. It also keeps the birds from migrating to another area in search of food.

Is It Reasonable To Feed The Birds During Winter?

With the understanding of making bird food, you can now confidently put out your bird feeder as winter approaches.  When winter sets in, it is best to put out the bird feeder to ensure that hungry hibernators like bears do not eat it up.


How To Make Bird Food At Home