How To Make Potpourri From Roses: Easy Tutorial

If you feel bad each time you toss a dried blossom, learn how to make potpourri from roses, and you’ll never have to throw away your favorite flowers!

What’s Potpourri?

Potpourri combines dried flower petals and buds, spices, herbs, and other decoration items like wood chips. You can keep it in a ceramic or glass bowl, usually uncovered.

The name comes from the French word pot-pourri, which means a pot of something rotting. Since synthetic fragrances are a perk of the newer ages, people used potpourri as an air freshener in ancient times.

History And Use of Potpourri From Roses

How To Make Rose Potpourri

Make use of the rose bouquet you received recently of the prevailing roses in your garden. .

Step 1 Start by pulling the petals from the roses, but keep the buds intact. We’re using them to add texture and get a more aesthetically pleasing end product ... Step 2 Place the rose petals on one tray and the buds and fruit peel on the other tray ...

Instructions – Making The Potpourri From Roses

There are a few ways to dry your rose petals: natural air drying, baking, microwaving, and book pressing. Since we mentioned air drying above, we’ll focus on the other three methods.

How To Dry Rose Petals For Potpourri

A good homemade potpourri keeps up to 4 months. 

The Lifespan Of Potpourri From Roses

Don’t throw away your roses after you’ve deadheaded them. You can use the same recipe as we did with fresh roses. Plus, they’re already dried, cutting the preparation time.

How To Make Potpourri From Dead Roses

Potpourri is an excellent way to give your roses life after the end of the season. Maybe you want to preserve your bridal bouquet or ditch the artificial room deodorizers.


How To Make Potpourri From Roses: Easy Tutorial