How To Open A Persimmon Seed?

You have probably heard that you can predict the winter weather using a seed, but do you know how to open a persimmon seed?

What Is A Persimmon Seed?

Persimmons are small orange fruits about the size of a peach or plum, depending on the type of persimmon you grow.

To open a persimmon seed needs technique because the task is not easy. The outside of this seed hull is super tough.  But if you wait for the seed to dry, it becomes easy to split open dried seeds. 

How To Cut A Persimmon Seed?

Get a locally grown persimmon seed.  A locally grown persimmon is important because it will reflect local conditions. Wait for the fruit to get mushy before you can cut the seed open.

How To Predict The Weather With An Open Persimmon Seed?

Grow Persimmon From Seed

Persimmon trees grow all year round with their showy foliage and golden-orange autumn fruit. 

Persimmon seeds germinate best when they are fresh – so gather them in autumn right after the fruit softens. 

Gathering Persimmon Seeds For Planting

The persimmon seeds need to be treated before planting. They need a period of moist chilling to help them germinate.

How To Treat Your Seed

Persimmon seeds should be planted in well-drained soils.  Sow one seed per pot in sterile pot mix, making sure the pot has good drainage holes.

How To Germinate Your Seeds

Taking Care Of Your Seedlings

It is easy to take care of your seedlings.  They will need bright, indirect, and evenly moist conditions to grow healthy and strong.

Persimmon seedlings need to be planted at the end of their first full growing season, best done in autumn after the first rain.

Planting Your Seedlings

That’s all there is to it! Go ahead, cut a persimmon seed, and tell us what you see in there and your location.