How to Pick Dill So It Keeps Growing

Dill is one plant that is pretty much easy to grow. It needs no substantial input or fertilization for it to thrive luxuriously all year round. Little wonder it is called dill weed bearing most of the features of weed but very beneficial to humans. Dill is an herb used for various purposes in the kitchen. But in this piece, we shall dwell on how to pick dill so it keeps growing. Also, we will talk about the major reason why you should practice this will also be brought to focus.

How to Pick Dill So It Keeps Growing: Right Way of Picking

It's all a matter of choice letting your dill plant grow untamed and sprawl up your entire space. But you can pick them or prune them to make them even better and appear beautiful. This can also pass for a good landscaping feature since they are characterized by lush greenery.

You need to pick dills if you are growing them in a container or hydroponically. Picking the plant or pruning it a little can limit the risk of cross-pollination when the flowering seeds go back to the soil after having blossomed greatly.

How to Pick Dill So It Keeps Growing: Why You Should Pick Dills

The best way to harvest dills is to pick them out from a junction; where the stem connects with the main body of the plant. If you need very little however to probably style your salad with, you can pick from the branches and that's not a bad idea.

How to Pick Dill So It Keeps Growing: How To Trim Dill- Harvesting Dills

– Allow the dill plants to thrive for about 5 weeks before you can harvest, that is after seedling – Mammoth dills usually grow taller, up to 5 feet in height, you need to pick regularly – Do not use a knife to harvest, prune or pick dills, they might cause severe injuries to the plant. Use scissors or your hands.

Other Things to Note

How to Pick Dill So It Keeps Growing

The dill herb can grow bushy and can pose as an inconvenience to you. So they need to be pruned. Pruning won't kill them or inhibit their growth process. But, it will encourage them to continue growing. Dills can reseed and continue growing, they can also grow hydroponically.