How To Pick Mint Leaves From Your Garden

Growing your own mint for that perfect cup of tea – or mojito is so rewarding, but how to pick mint leaves the correct way and keep the plant growing? 

Growing Mint: When, Where & How

Mint is one of the plants that require minimal maintenance. After all, its natural habitat is stream banks. 

Mint takes about 90 days to grow. Then you can pick the mint leaves by pinching each one. Pick as many fresh mint leaves as you plan on using.

How To Harvest Mint

Best Time To Pick Mint Leaves

Midway through the growing season is the best time to pick mint leaves.

Mint has wide use in cooking as a spice, air freshener, and even insect repellent. For tea, you can use fresh or dried mint.

Harvesting Mint For Tea

You don’t have to dry the mint leaves as soon as you pick them.

How To Store Freshly Picked Mint Leaves

With so many types of mint, it can be hard to pick one type to plant. Always double-check to make sure you’re buying an edible plant. 

Types Of Mint

There are around 600 kinds of mint, with spearmint, peppermint, and chocolate mint being the most common. This hardy herb packs a ton of benefits and even more when it’s homegrown!

The Health Benefits Of Mint

Mint combats bloating, indigestion, and gas, providing immediate relief. 

Improved Digestion

Most chewing gums and breath mints contain mint and effectively mask bad breath. But the herb itself has a greater effect.

Pick Mint Leaves For Bad Breath

Mint tea can help insomniacs. 

Helps You Sleep Better

Mint is a versatile herb that found its place in cooking, medicine, and around the house. Plant mint in your garden right after the last frost, and you’ll have fresh mint the whole summer. 


How To Pick Mint Leaves From Your Garden