How To Plant Peony Bulbs – An In-Depth Look

Peonies are a beauty to behold! They are herbaceous perennials of the genus Paeonia and belongs to the family Paeoniaceae.

Preparing Peony Bulbs Before You Plant

* Peony bulbs are not truly a bulb as many people call them.  They are a piece of root from a dormant, earlier established plant.

Peonies are hardy plants that thrive in ideal conditions. Plant your peonies in a spot that receives lots of sun. If your area receives sweltering summers, pick a spot that ...

Where To Plant Peonies

* Planting peonies are perfect in the fall season. It is an ideal time of the year for growing these flowers without much fuss.

How To Plant Peony Bulbs

When Are Peonies In Season?

Peonies blossom in late spring through early summer, although this depends on the variety of peonies you are growing and your location.

Depending on the variety of the peony plus the growing conditions, you will need to provide your plants with some support when the flowers bloom.   This is especially for ...

Supporting Your Peonies

* Herbaceous Type * Tree Peonies Type * Intersectional Hybrids

Types Of Peonies

How To Plant Peony Bulbs – An In-Depth Look

Your peonies will be more vigorous, healthier, and more floriferous if you provide them with ideal growing conditions.  Happy Peony gardening!