How To Prepare Peonies For The Winter

Peonies are a great addition to any garden, and you might be wondering if you are preparing peonies for the winter as it should be done.

How Do Peonies Function During The Winter?

You might be wondering should you cover peonies for winter or should peonies be cut back before winter. Interestingly, the peony is a plant that likes ...

To answer the question from the beginning of the previous section – should you cut peonies back before winter? Definitely! Let the foliage die down naturally ...

How To Prepare Peonies For The Winter

Peony Care

The good news is – you’re probably not going to have to care much for this plant. As long as you chose the right spot for planting it, your peonies are going to do just fine on your own.

Peonies need very little fertilization. Experts recommend that you fertilize the soil if you’re certain that you have poor soil. Even then you shouldn’t put too much fertilizer, focus ...


You don’t need to water your peonies virtually at all! You should definitely cover the soil with water immediately after planting your peonies, but that’s about it. The only time you ...


In summation, when it comes to preparing peonies for the winter, they need very little. It’s the opposite, actually. These plants need you to leave them alone.


How To Prepare Peonies For The Winter