How To Read A Woolly Worm?

Do you know how to read a woolly worm, or are you like many of us who have heard about this mysterious caterpillar and want to know more? Here we will learn all about it.

So What’s A Woolly Worm?

The woolly worm or woolly bear is a fuzzy brown and black creature, which is the larval form of the tiger moth (Isia isabella).

As the winter sets in, this worm or bear caterpillar goes into hibernation, choosing a secluded area, maybe inside a fallen log, under a stone, or any other good winter hiding place.  

How Does The Woolly Worm Behave During Winter?

Which People Use Woolly Worms The Most?

For the longest time, North Carolina’s Mountain people have relied on the woolly worm’s markings to predict the upcoming winter.

Now that we know what a woolly worm looks like, what it eats, and its behavior in winter, let’s look at how to read it.

How To Read The Black Woolly Worm

We cannot decide if these people are right or wrong because we have not seen the worm ourselves.  But based on the claims we have read across the internet, most North Carolina people swear by the predictions of these worms.


How To Read A Woolly Worm?