How To Repel Squirrels From Garden

Are you wondering how to repel squirrels from garden? Ever wake up to see your garden disheveled, fruit or vegetables missing or your flower bulbs completely destroyed? Then you surely have a squirrel problem.

Preventing Squirrels In Garden

The first thing you can do to make sure it will not attract squirrels is not to leave any food outside trash cans because the smell can easily attract them to your garden.

If you already have a dog, then don’t worry! He will keep your garden safe from squirrels. 

How To Repel Squirrels Naturally

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs!

If you ask your elderly members of the family, they will advise you to put human hair all over your garden or to the most critical places.

Human Hair

The most effective natural squirrel repellent is cayenne pepper which you can find in any supermarket near you. You can also try with chili flakes or garlic pepper. 


It implies fences or nets where squirrels can squeeze through so it’s best to put barriers without holes or at least it has to be small ones. 

Physical Barriers To Repel Squirrels

If you notice that you have hungry squirrels in your garden, don’t try to feed them or give them food! That way, they will come back with maybe even more rodent friends. Remove any leftovers or compost in your garden and keep it clean.


How To Repel Squirrels From Garden