How To Ship Potted Plants – Tips and Guidelines

If you are going to ship plants, you need to know how to ship potted plants do’s and don’ts to help you do it the right way. Plant sharing is a hobby that most gardeners love.

Guidelines to Follow on How to Ship Potted Plants

Live potted plants mailed successfully through the mail depend on a few important points. They include, Careful packing Acclimating the plant Sending ...

There are Four Critical Guidelines on How to Ship Potted Plants

Before you prepare the plants, get information on the shipping restrictions. These vary from plant to plant and state to state. First, know ...

Understand the Shipping Restrictions for Plants within US

Restrictions for Shipping Plants Internationally

If you want to ship plants from the United States, you will need to follow restrictions as per the destination. There are prohibitions for certain ...

You will need to have a standard shipping label that contains basic information about the shipping products, the sender address, and the courier code. Use ...

Prepare Shipping and Handling Labels

Corrugated boxes are specific boxes used for packing plants. With these boxes, you can set with or without the pot. It is easy to pack your plants in these boxes.  

Use Corrugated Boxes

How To Ship Potted Plants – Tips and Guidelines

With this import information, you can now go ahead and choose a shipping company of your choice. And voila! You have your potted plants shipped with ease!