How To Tell If Figs Are Ripe 

Do you know how to tell when figs are ripe? It can be difficult to tell when your figs are ripe especially if you’ve planted a fig tree for the first time. You’ve got nothing to worry about, we have experts in the house to help you with tips on how to plant and harvest your first fruits. Without wasting more time, let us jump right in.

1. How to Tell if Your Figs Are Ripe?

When the fruits are ripened, the neck of the fruits die and the fruit dangles. The natural thing to do will be to taste the fruit. Unripe fruit will have an unpleasant taste while ripe fruits will be pleasing to the taste buds.

The best time to harvest fig fruits is in the morning. Before the sun rises high in the sky. This gives you enough time to harvest the fruits and get them to storage before the heat sets in. Figs are easy to harvest, all you have to do is to handle the ripe fruit with care and pull on it. You should take proper care to avoid bruising the fruit.

2. Harvesting Ripe Figs

The best method to store your fig is to first lay them out in the sun to dry. You should endeavor to wash them first before drying. Once they are dry, you can either freeze the fruit until it hardens or freezes it in water until it turns to ice. Once the fruit solidifies, you can now keep it in a container and leave it in the freezer until it is ready for use.

3. Storing Ripe Figs

How To Tell If Figs Are Ripe 

It is important that you know that in most cases, not all the fruits on the fig tree ripen at once. Some trees have different crops that ripen at a different time of the year.