How to Tell When Corn is Ready for Picking 

Corns are sweet and that’s why we use them (sweet corns) to spice up meals, rice comes to mind. But there is a reason why you can call them delicious corns and that is hinged upon the right timing for harvesting. 

How to Know When your Corn is Ready for Picking 

As you are now aware that their sweetness depends on you harvesting them at the right time, you should also note that the ears of the corn are ready for picking 20 days after you notice the appearance of the first silks.

When harvesting, hold the corn stalk as you pull and twist. This is to ensure you don’t damage the plant that is hosting other ears. When you are done harvesting, pull up the corn stalks instantly, cut them into a foot lengths then add them back to the soil so they can decay.

How to Pick Corn the Right Way

If you are harvesting, then be certain you are going to be consuming instantly. Corns are best eaten after harvest since their sugars are yet to be converted to starch. When you store them, the sugars get converted to starch and too much starch might not be healthy for you. 

Other Things to Note

How to Tell When Corn is Ready for Picking 

Harvesting is an important time and process in the cycle of eating delicious fruits from your garden. It’s as important as the planting time and process. But more importantly, if you harvest at the wrong time, you end up with the wrong fruit or produce