When Do Moles Come Out?

Almost every gardener leads a battle with moles at least once in their lifetime, with many of them wondering when do moles come out? 

Do Moles Come Above Ground At Night?

Moles leave their homes below the ground very rarely. In fact, some never do! When they do leave the ground, it's usually to look for food. They primarily eat ...

Moles are usually active from late winter through spring - during their breeding season. You can spot them outside of that time window too, but they're much less ...

What Time of Year are Moles Active?

Are Moles Useful?

Moles usually aren't useful to your garden and they can easily damage your plants. However, they're a good indicator of health! If you have only a few moles, then you can rest ...

Moles live in tunnel systems below the ground. Their bodies are perfect for burrowing beneath the ground, which is why they live their entire in the soil. Here, they feed on worms.

Where do Moles Live?

There are many methods gardeners employ to scare moles away. Using electronic devices is one of those methods. Buzzers are a particular favorite to many gardeners, as the ...

How to Get Rid of Moles?

Moles are completely harmless and there's no reason to be afraid of them.


When Do Moles Come Out?