Identify When Your Agave Plant Needs Extra Care

Why is my Agave plant dying? These plants are tough! There are a lot more people out there who want to know how to kill agaves.

It starts to droop - the leaves get floppy, and start to die on the ends.

How do you know when an agave plant is dying?

How do you know if an agave plant is overwatered?

The soil will seem wet and stickly and the plant starts to look a bit floppy.

If this gets too out of hand, it will actually get wobbly around its stem as the roots rot.

Yes. They can normally regenerate from suckers from the ground.

Do agave plants grow back?

How do you bring an agave back to life?

Remove it from its current location, trim of any dead or rotting leaves, trim of and dead or rotting leaves.

Water it sparingly (once every ten days) and ensure that the soil dries out between waterings. It should come back.

The most common cause of agave plants suffering problems is excess water.

Identify When Your Agave Plant Needs Extra Care

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