Important Nutrients Areca Palms Need - Best Fertilizer

Many fertilizers can make your plants healthier and help them to grow faster but Areca Palm fertilizer is different.

Areca Palm Fertilizer How to Apply?

If you are using good soil with additional nutrients, you may not even need to use fertilizer.

You'll only need around a tablespoon of fertilizer. It's also important that after fertilizing, you water your areca palm well.

What Nutrients do Areca Palms Need?

A good fertilizer should consist of 20-30% nitrogen, 30-40% phosphorus, 10-15% potassium, and the rest consisting of other trace elements.

Also look out for the following nutrients which are great for areca palm: manganese, magnesium, iron and boron.

How Do I Make My Areca Palm Bushy?

To grow your areca palm bushier, you have to water it regularly.

You need to water it when the soil becomes dry. If you don't water it, then you will notice that the plant withers away.

Doing these things will help your areca palm to become luscious and bushy.

Important Nutrients Areca Palms Need - Best Fertilizer

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