Incredibly Easy Ways To Save A Rotten Money Tree

Money trees can be an excellent addition to any space. However, without proper care and maintenance, they can quickly become a real money pit.

Well, obviously, you’re going to need to cut it back. This means pruning off the unhealthy leaves, or branches.

How do you fix a rotten money tree?

It's best to call a professional landscaper with the right tools to help you out with this pruning process.

You must not overwater the tree, that would be the first suggestion.

How do you keep a money tree trunk from rotting?

The best way is to do regular examinations and re-potting. In this process is crucial to change the soil.

What causes trunk rot?

Trunk rot is a term used to describe the decay of wood in the tree, caused by fungi.

How do I know if my tree trunk is rotten?

There are some common ways to tell if your tree trunk is rotten.

Watch out for any signs of unhealthy leaves such as discoloration and spotting.

Incredibly Easy Ways To Save A Rotten Money Tree

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