Is Foxglove Poisonous? Tips On Handling The Toxic Plant

Mother nature often disguises dangerous plants into mesmerizing blooms, so if you’re wondering is foxglove poisonous, the answer is yes. Gardeners cultivate this plant for its fascinating flowers, but you can also find it growing independently in nature. 

What Is Foxglove?

Foxglove is a perennial plant that is native to Europe and North Africa. It’s not native to the US; it was introduced to North America from Europe. It’s considered invasive in the western parts of the US.

The Story Behind The Name There are two theories on how this plant got its name. The first one is connected to a 16th-century botanical scientist whose surname translates to Fox. Combined with the flower’s look, it resulted in fox’s glove.

Foxglove’s Natural Habitat

How Is Foxglove Poisonous

The plant contains deslanoside, digitoxin, and digitalis glycoside. These chemicals cause poisoning, heart attacks, or death. Poisoning occurs when you ingest some part of the plant, whether it is a flower, leaf, seeds, stem, or root.

Symptoms Of Foxglove Poisoning  low blood pressure;  dizziness and confusion  blurred vision  hallucinations  loss of appetite and stomach pain  lethargy or depression.

Foxglove Can Kill Humans

  Put on your gloves and a face mask to prevent skin contact or inhaling some of the toxic parts.   Place the bag under the plant and cut it to the ground.   Dig out the roots and discard them in the bag.  Throw away the bag and check for new foxgloves around the same spot every few weeks.  Wondering is foxglove poisonous when dried? Yes, so don’t add it to your compost!

Removing Foxglove From Your Garden

Bottom Line: Is Foxglove Poisonous?

Common foxglove is a biennial or perennial plant that can be grown from seeds or both from a garden center as a mature plant. If you wondered is foxglove poisonous, it is due to the chemicals contained in all parts of the plant.

If you have kids, pets, or a vegetable garden, it’s best to remove any foxglove plants. Use gloves when handling the plant, and don’t ever ingest any parts.


Is Foxglove Poisonous? Tips On Handling The Toxic Plant