Is Lavender A Flower?

Because of its characteristics as all three things; a herb, a shrub, and a flower – many gardeners wonder is lavender a flower? This beautiful plant, without a doubt one of the most popular plants on the planet because of its beautiful scent, is a thing of wonder.

A Flower Or Something Else?

Despite its shrubbery qualities, lavender is officially classified as a flower. There are many different plants in the Lavandula genus and it’s technically part of the mint family. 

Medicinal Use – Is Lavender A Flower? - Some doctors have even used it as a disinfectant for wounds, while some researchers suggest that high doses of lavender essential oil can kill bacteria. 

Characteristics Of Lavender – Is Lavender A Flower?

Growing Lavender

You can grow your own lavender at home, but whether your soil is viable depends on geography. Lavenders like moist soil, while fertility usually isn’t important as the plant can thrive even in a poorly-fertile environment. 

Although they have some characteristics of shrubs and herbs, lavenders are definitely flowers. There are about 50 different species in the genus of lavender, and they usually grow in south Europe, the Mediterranean, north and east Africa, the Canary Islands, and India.


Is Lavender A Flower?