Is Lavender A Herb?

Is lavender a herb? This question may be on your mind and we will answer that in this post.

Is Lavender A Herb?

Only plants with soft stems are considered herbs according to standard biology. 

The planting of lavender plants is highly beneficial in terms of deriving essential oils, production of perfume, medicinal purpose, adding to recipes, and ornament.

Lavender Uses – Is Lavender A Herb

The Common Types Of Lavender – Is Lavender A Herb

Spanish lavender (Lavandula stoechas): ...   English lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia): ... Portuguese lavender (Lavandula latifolia): ...

You can grow some other types of plants besides lavender as this can also help increase the beautification of your garden. 

Companion Plants That Are Best For Lavender

Ideally, lavender should be referred to as a flowering shrub.


Is lavender a herb or a flower

For its powerful aroma and being edible, it is generally called a herb in the culinary world.

Is lavender a herb or spice

The Portuguese lavender, which is also known as the spike lavender ...

What type of herb is lavender

A good reason why lavender can be regarded as a herb is that it serves as numerous medicinal purposes.

What is lavender herb good for

Conclusively, we can say lavender is a plant with so many uses, which is needed for one purpose or the other.  But lavender is ideally regarded as a flowering shrub.


Is Lavender A Herb?