Is There An App For Watering Plants? Best Plant Watering App For You iOS/Android

When it comes to getting the most out of your garden, sometimes you need a little help from technology.

Is there an app for watering plants?

If you're a garden-variety plant person who doesn't really care about technology, you probably don't need an app. 

It can detect and record a variety of plant ailments and other conditions. 

What is the best free app for plant care?

It also sends out an alert to your smartphone if the plant's needs change. Growbot is currently available for both iOS and Android devices. 

Others are just not sure how to take care of them and end up leaving them to wilt on the floor. 

Is there an app to help take care of plants?

But, the fact is, a simple little app that can be used with almost any plant could help solve all of these problems. 

The app, named "PlantSense," works by taking real-time data and images of your plants and then translating that data into tips.

By using an app, you can be in control and keep track of when to water your plants. 

Is There An App For Watering Plants?

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