Keeping Your Patio Warm In Winter Months

In the summer, a patio is a wonderful thing. There’s no better way to enjoy a sunset, eat a meal outside, or have an excuse to get friends over. As soon as winter starts closing in, though? It’s more like an abandoned house – full of old memories.

Patio Heating Options

There’s no greater impact on your patio than the heater you choose for it. #1 Infrared Heating #2 Propane Heaters #3 Alternative Heating Options

Starting with my favorite, infrared heating is always one of the best options available. There’s a good reason why most commercial patios use infrared heating. When it comes to heating a patio, infrared heating is: Cheap Efficient Hidden Powerful Decorative & Wind Resistant

#1 Infrared Heating

If you’re not going with infrared, the next best option is a propane heater. While it can only heat air, propane heaters have the main advantage of being super powerful. In short, they are: Powerful Easily available Easy to refill/resupply Great for big areas

#2 Propane Heaters

#3 Alternative Heating Options

Lastly, there are a few less ‘mainstream’ heating options for a patio during winter. Including: 1. Fire Pits 2. Underfloor Heating 3. Chimineas

You can cover a patio from the elements in a bunch of different ways. Some classic examples are using a gazebo, pavilion, or an enclosed porch. There’s a ton of options. My favorite discovery is the idea of a semi-permanent patio cover...

Covering A Patio From The Elements

This last tip isn’t about keeping your patio warm, but your guests.  I’m sure your guests would appreciate the warmth. If you’re hoping for people to stay out in the patio on a winter night, make sure you’ve got: 1. Good cushions 2. Good blankets 3. Cozy socks

Being A Good Host

Keeping Your Patio Warm In Winter Months

I hope this quick guide gave you a few good ideas to keep your patio warm! Combine a quality infrared heater (the style is up to you), with some insulation from the elements (such as patio curtains), and plenty of cozy blankets, socks, hats, and mulled wine.