Kentia Palm vs Areca Palm

When we compare the Kentia palm vs Areca palm we are comparing an elephant with a cow! Both are incredible plants, but one grows very big, and the other grows very wide!!

A Quick Overview Of Palm Types

Palms are monocotyledonous flowering plants. They are unable to produce “hardwood” in the way that dicotyledonous trees do, hence the name “palm tree” is really a bit of a misnomer.

The Kentia palm, Howea forsterianais, is a palm tree that occupies a larger-than-life place in the horticultural world. Due to its adoption as a status symbol by among others Queen Victoria at the height of the British Empire, this palm tree has been conferred a certain “status”

The Kentia Palm

The Areca Palm

The actual genus Areca is quite large with 51 or so species or types of areca palms. Of these, the one that we refer to most commonly as an Areca palm is Dypsis lutescens.

Size – The Kentia palm is bigger. Ease of growing – The Kentia palm is easier to grow in colder areas. Growth style – The Kentia palm grows up and produces no shoots.

Comparing The Kentia Palm vs Areca Palm

I hope this article has helped you see how amazing these two types of palm are. Choosing yous Kentia palm vs Areca palm is really just a choice around your space and budget constraints!


Kentia Palm vs Areca Palm