Oh No! Be On The Lookout For Bugs On Spider Plants

The spider plant pests are not as invasive as other pests that are common and disastrous destroying your healthy plants in a few days.

What Are Spider Plant Pests?

The spider plant pest is a fungus that grows on the leaves of the plant.

Spider plants are not native to North America, but they were brought here as a houseplant by early settlers.

How To Identify The Spider Plant Pests

The spider plant pest is a fungal infection that causes the leaves to turn yellow and die.

The best way to identify the pest is to look for the tell-tale signs on the underside of the leaves.

A spider plant needs lots of light, so if you have a window, don’t let the light out.

How To Treat Spider Plant Pests

Spray the affected leaves with insecticidal soap. This will kill the spider mites, but it will also harm the leaves.

Spider Plant Pests Control

The first line of defense is to remove or reduce the available food sources, thereby starving the spider plant pest.

These plants are typically very popular because they are easy to grow and are attractive.

Oh No! Be On The Lookout For Bugs On Spider Plants

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