Palm Spider Mites – Get Rid Of Them In 4 Easy Steps

Pests like palm spider mites can easily go unnoticed until your plant suffers tremendous damage. Their removal is easy, but it’s essential to notice the infestation on time. 

What Are Spider Mites

Spider mites resemble tiny insects, but they’re actually arachnids. They belong in the same group with scorpions, ticks, and regular spiders. 

Spider mites are attracted to specific plants, and palms are one of their favorites. Ornamental plants with rich foliage are both a great hiding spot and a good treat for the pests. 

Why Spider Mites Attack Palm Trees

Detecting Spider Mites On Palm Trees

The first telltale of palm spider mites is webbing under the leaves of the palm. Since the pests are so small, they’re not noticeable to the naked eye. 

There are far more horrible pests to deal with, but you shouldn’t leave palm spider mites untreated. Here are our suggestions, starting with the least invasive for a small infestation.

Get Rid Of Spider Mites Palm Pests

The size of the spider mites suggests that you don’t need much force to physically remove them.

1. Shower The Plant

Dilute gentle dish soap in a large water bottle with a spray nozzle. Use 0.5oz dish soap to 17oz water.

2. Spray Diluted Dish Soap

Rubbing alcohol can seem too aggressive, but a solution of 50% rubbing alcohol and 50% water can get rid of the mites fast. 

3. Wipe With Rubbing Alcohol

Neem oil has great efficiency when it comes to pests removal. This horticultural oil is useful in killing an infestation and preventing a new one.

4. Use Horticurtular Oil

Your palm can breathe easily since the palm spider mites are gone. But preventing a new infestation is equally important. Here’s what you can do to keep your plant pest-free.

Keeping Your Palm Tree Spider Mites Free

Remove any damaged leaves that have been destroyed by spider mites feeding off of them.

Prune The Damaged Leaves

Get your hands on insecticidal soap and dilute it per the manufacturer’s instructions. Patch test the solution on a single leaf and use it on the whole plant if there are no signs of damage.

Regularly Spray With Insecticidal Soap

For a completely natural solution, go for the number one enemy of palm spider mites; the ladybugs. 

Introduce Ladybugs

Spider mites are tiny arachnids that live on shrubs, trees, decorative plants, fruits, and vegetable plants.


Palm Spider Mites – Get Rid Of Them In 4 Easy Steps