Pansy Sun or Shade

Is the pansy plant a fan of sun or shade, or what temperature should it be exposed to and expected to thrive when it’s growing?...

Do Pansy Flowers Need Sun Or Shade?

Pansies thrive during cool nights and warm days of spring and fall.  Even frosts and freeze do not stop these flowers from blooming...

Pansies thrive in a cooler climate.  Therefore, plant them in spring or fall. Plant them on well-drained soil that has high organic matter. 1. Spring Planting 2. Fall Plantings

Growing Pansy Under Sun Or Shade

Pansies thrive when the soil temperatures range between 45 to 65 degrees F.  Spring planting roughly coincides with your normal early vegetable planting.  In the Northern gardens, the pansy displays are longer than in the south, where summer comes fast, and pansies leave quickly...

Spring Planting

Fall Plantings

Pansies can also be planted in the fall after the summer sun has cooled and the soil is good for planting.  It would help if you also gave your pansies enough time to establish their roots before winter comes...

Pansies will flower more and longer if you remove the spent flower heads.  During the hot months, cut the plants back and mulch to keep the moisture.  When cooler weather returns, the pansies will reward you with a second show of blooms...

Helping Pansies Re-bloom

Slugs. Slugs are common pests that will not pass a bed of pansies. You can set a trap to catch them where they are common or sprinkle a bit of diatomaceous earth around the plants. Mildew or Fungi.  If you observe signs of mildew and fungi, take a leaf sample to a garden center for correct identification and treatment.

Common Pansy Insects And Diseases To Avoid

Pansy Sun or Shade

Pansy sun or shade?  You now know the harm sun will cause your beautiful pansies, so plant them in the fall and wait to enjoy these beautiful colored blooms to brighten your spring.