Plant Leaves Turning Light Green? Here Are The 7 Possible Reasons

Are your plant leaves turning light green all of a sudden, even though you didn’t change anything significant concerning their care?

What’s The Light Green Leaf On Your Plant

First, it’s essential to understand what gives the leaves their deep green color. Chlorophyll is a pigment that colors the plant and aids in the photosynthesis process.

Have you spotted your plant leaves turning light green? Don’t neglect it! Start by checking if any of the following causes apply to them.

Causes For Light Green Leaves

Insufficient Sunlight

Sunlight is the trickiest part when it comes to proper plant care. Too much sunlight can turn your leaves pale green and even yellow.

Missing a few waterings leads to plant leaves turning light green. Water is essential for the leaves to stay hydrated and perky. 

Thirsty Plant

When people lack iron, they tend to turn pale. But did you know that the same thing applies to plant leaves?

Nutrient Deficiency

Plants can suffer from moving stress, which shows up on their foliage. 

Position And Temperature Change

Older established foliage rarely turns light green. Their chlorophyll levels are stable, unlike with the new growth.

Leaf’s Age

Chlorosis is a state in which plants lack the main photosynthesis element – chlorophyll. Chlorosis often happens when a new fast-growing plant is planted in nutritiously poor soil. 


When To Worry About A Plant Light Green Leaves

Plant leaves turning light green is not as alarming. It’s usually due to basic reasons that you can easily fix.

Don’t go removing your plant leaves turning light green! Restoring their deep green color is easy; they only require a little boost.

How To Fix Plants Light Green Leaves

It’s not impossible to find your plant leaves turning light green even though you’re providing the best care.


Plant Leaves Turning Light Green? Here Are The 7 Possible Reasons