Plants That Don’t Need Drainage Holes: Over 10 Amazing Types

Plants that don’t need drainage holes are a busy person’s best friend and the ideal decor as they seamlessly fit on each shelf, table, or window.

Why Are Drainage Holes Important

When picking a plant or a vegetable, you often find that it requires well-draining soil. The soil components need to let the excess water go through and not withhold it.

We’ve shortlisted some luscious plants with decorative foliage, different sizes, and even one fruit! Pick the next centerpiece from the plants that don’t need ...

Plants That Don’t Require Drainage

Strelitzia (Bird Of Paradise)

Strelitzia is a tropical flower that can grow both outdoors and indoors. They’re tall blooming plants with gorgeous foliage and specific bloom resembling an orange ...

Crotons are colorful, hardy, subtropical plants that intake moisture through their large leaves. It can go extended periods without water, but it can easily survive lower temperatures.


The oleander plant is an evergreen shrub that thrives in standing water and develops colorful flowers. However, it’s highly poisonous, so not recommended if you’re living with kids or pets.


Got your hands on gorgeous terracotta pots that you can’t seem to use with any of your plants? It’s time to get plants that don’t need drainage holes.


Plants That Don’t Need Drainage Holes