Reasons For Dry Snake Plant Roots And Possible Solutions

Even though snake plants are very hardy plant species that can withstand some drought, the root of snake plants can still experience dryness.

1. Inspection Of The Root Of Your Snake Plant

The first step to resolving the situation is to inspect your plant. We don’t just want to do guesswork but we want to have a proper understanding of what is going on with our plant so we do a thorough inspection.

After inspection and if you find any issues, you should solve the situation first. The root of your snake plant may become dry from sunburn or heatwaves.

2. Root Assessment And Resolve Accordingly

3. Damaged Roots Should Be Eliminated From The Plant

Sometimes, when the root of your plant is damaged or has issues, it may cause the root to become dry. This is because once there is an issue with the plant’s root, it can affect the plant’s ability to extract water and nutrients from the soil.

Transplanting your snake plant into a bigger pot or new pot can as well help your plant after you must have trimmed off the dried root. Doing this can assist your plant to grow into a better standard plant and keep the plant safe from a fungal infestation and other similar problems.

4. Transplant

Dry snake plant roots can be resolved if you do the right things on time. We have listed some tips to help you restore your snake plant roots that may be drying out and we hope you find them helpful.


Reasons For Dry Snake Plant Roots And Possible Solutions