Rubber Plant Growing Sideways

The rubber plant is a beautiful plant that can bring a lot of character to your house as an indoor plant. As an outdoor plant – well – given 50-100 years and you will have something that is gigantic!!

What Is A Rubber Plant?

The rubber plant is a member of the Ficus genus. There are over 850 species of Ficus, or figs as we call them commonly. These are some of the more creative trees you can imagine.

I love watching my rubber plant grow. I have a few different Ficus plants that I grow in my barbeque area which is an enclosed rustic area.

How Do Rubber Plants Grow?

Factors That Can Cause A Rubber Plant To Grow Sideways

A rubber plant is just one of those plants that sort of does its own thing.

I hope this article has helped you understand the causes of a rubber plant growing sideways and what you can do to make your plant healthy and upright. Stake it, light it, and coax it with wires!!


Rubber Plant Growing Sideways