Sand For Plants? 5 Excellent Ways To Use It

Has someone recommended you to add sand for plants to your potted flowers? Don’t be surprised; sand is part of some soil types and a perfect medium for tough soil.

What Is Horticultural Sand

Sand is an essential part of the construction industry. But it’s also used in creating glass and in many recreational endeavors. Horticultural sand is part of the last example.

Well draining soil is a must when potting almost all ornamental plants. Moreover, it’s easy to work, dig, and works well with compost. A ground that is packed and heavy ...

Why Your Plants Need Sand

Picking The Best Horticultural Sand

You might think that you can use any sand you have on hand. But it can give you the averse effect. The right type of sand makes the soil aerated and prevents clumping.

If you want to save money, you can repurpose the coarse sand you have lying around. This works if you have a small amount of sand, don’t try it with a whole bag.

Using Regular Sand

Did you know that some plants can grow in sand perfectly well as in soil? Predominantly succulents and other air plants can survive with no soil, as they don’t thrive in ...

Why Use Sand For Plants

The small particles of the sand break up the clumps of even the heaviest soil like clay. This allows water to drain better, air to reach the roots, and compost to blend in better.


Sand For Plants? 5 Excellent Ways To Use It