Self Watering Planter Benefits

Many people with plants think about using a self-watering planter since it takes one thing off your plate. These smart devices can make sure that your plant is always properly watered.

Why Use A Self Watering Planter?

Some people wonder why is this important and how is it any better than watering the plants on your own. Well, the most important point of this device is that eliminates human error! 

Typically, plants that you keep in your home are going to thrive if you use a self-watering planter and they’re usually better taken care of in comparison to you taking care of them. 

Is A Self Watering Planter Better For Plants?

How To Make A Self Watering Planter?

In case buying a planter of this sort is out of your budget, you can make one at home! All you need is a large plastic bottle and some cloth!

Perhaps you didn’t know this, but plants are usually more than 80% water! They use this water similarly to how we use blood in our bodies – it’s there to transport nutrients from the soil to the plants. If you cut off that water supply, you essentially cut off all nutrient intake from the plant.

Why Is Watering So Important?

Self watering planters are essentially pots that have a reservoir for water at the bottom of the pot.


What is a self watering planter?

These planters are pretty simple! They have a container for water in the bottom of the planter, where the roots of the plant stretch easily.

How does self watering planter work?

Know that the only thing the planter needs from you is to refill the container every now and again.

How to use a self watering planter?

To sum up, a self-watering planter is a device that ensures a constant flow of water for the plant’s roots. This way, your plant is always properly hydrated and you don’t have to fear that it will run out of water at any point. 


Self Watering Planter Benefits