Sharing What Overseeding Does To Your Garden

In this article, we will look at how you can overseed your lawn to keep it beautiful and lush.

How low should I cut grass before overseeding?

I generally advise to cut it very short - lets say an inche. The mower should cut bald patches on bumps!

Should you scalp your lawn before overseeding?

I tend to like creeping grasses in lawns, so this is less important. For clump grasses it can help.

Can you overseed after mowing?

Yes. Remove the trimmings and then follow the method listed in the main article.

Do I overseed or fertilize first?

I find that I prefer to overseed and get the grass sprouting, and fertilizer with an organic.

The earthworms will come up at night and eat these, taking the organic matter down into the soil.

Sharing What Overseeding Does To Your Garden

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