Should I Deadhead Peonies?

Everyone knows that peonies generally require very little care, but you might be wondering “Should I deadhead peonies?” This process, despite being very common with other plants, might not be necessary with a peony.

Should I Deadhead Peonies?

Deadheading is a crucial process with most plants, and the same goes for deadheading peonies. This doesn’t mean, however, that anything terrible is going to happen if you don’t deadhead them. 

It’s possible that nothing bad happens and it’s also possible that a lot of bad things will happen to your plant. It’s better to be safe than sorry and just deadhead your plant once the foliage turns brown.

What Happens if You Don’t Deadhead Peonies?

Do Peonies Rebloom After Deadheading?

This is possible, but it’s rare. If you cut off the blooms that were wilting away, they most likely won’t grow back.

Now that you’ve learned how to deadhead peonies, let’s take a look at some basics when it comes to caring for peonies.

Caring for Peonies

This is the first one of those requirements. Something that’s absolutely crucial for peonies is that you choose the right planting depth! If you live in a moderate or a warmer climate, plant your peony only at an inch of depth in the soil.

Planting Depth

Water And Fertilization

The peony usually doesn’t need any watering from you. Obviously, you should water it heavily right after planting, but that’s about it.

To sum up, you should definitely deadhead your peonies. These plants need you to cut off the dead foliage. In return, they’ll concentrate on keeping their remaining bloom looking beautiful and healthy. Additionally, you’re lowering the risk of disease and pests! 


Should I Deadhead Peonies?