Should I Let Chives Flower?

Should I let chives flower is one of the most commonly asked questions by most gardeners who don’t know the right thing to do with the blooms.

The Common Chives: These consist of clumps that have smaller and slender bulbs. Garlic Chives: These are also called Chinese chives and look similar to common chives but their leaves are greener, flatter, and grow up to about 20 inches in height.

Types Of Chive Plants To Grow

Should I Let Chives Flower?

This is one of the many questions we get from gardeners who don’t know what to do with blooming chives.  There is really no harm in letting your chives flower. 

The best way to get a good harvest and beautiful flowers is to trim the plant down.  When the first flower buds are developing, trim half the tuft and leave the rest.

Trimming Your Chives And Their Flower For New Growth

But Why Should You Trim?

Prune so you can grow and harvest lots of chives, but note, it’s important and beneficial to the plant.  It’s a good habit to prune your chives regularly and here are a few reasons why.

Should I Let Chives Flower?

You can plant your chives next to tomatoes and carrots but not near beans and peas.  Chives repel aphids ad Japanese beetles; you can therefore grow them near susceptible plants.