Simple Tips To Growing Bamboo Plant

If you are growing “lucky bamboo” this is a popular indoor plant. It is also an excellent outdoor plant.

What is the Difference Between “Lucky Bamboo” and Bamboo?

Lucky Bamboo is actually a Dracaena. This means it is related to a snake plant.

Bamboo is a type of grass. Both have a similar-looking stem type.

Do Bamboo Plants Need Sunlight To Grow?

Some species of bamboo are relatively shaded tolerant and others that require full light.

You need to work around this – they need at least 8, preferably 10 hours of light to thrive.

How Many Hours Of Sunlight Does Bamboo Need?

Lucky bamboo on the other hand grows well in the shade.

Does Bamboo Grow Well In Shade?

Temperature and humidity

Make sure they are protected from drafts as cold air can cause damage to leaves that will affect their growth.

Soil – Do bamboo plants need sunlight

Use a well-drained, rich potting mix with some perlite or sand to help drainage.

Lucky bamboo does not need much light – real bamboo does in order to get established.

Simple Tips To Growing Bamboo Plant

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