Simple Ways Of Maintaining Beautiful Healthy Sunflowers

There are a few things that can go wrong with sunflowers when you grow them.

Understanding Sunflowers

These plants are in the daisy family and fall in the genus Helianthus.

How To Grow Sunflowers

Choosing Seeds

If you get old heirloom varieties you can just keep your seed and plant each year.

Sunflowers like slightly alkaline soil.

Preparing Soil

The sunflowers need about two inches of rain, or equivalent to irrigation to trigger them to germinate.


Beans and Pumpkins

The bean fixes nitrogen and the sunflower mooches some of this. The sunflower provides the bean with something to grow on.

How To Stop Sunflower Petals Turning White

Squash plants also help to move water out of your soil quickly stopping the soil from getting waterlogged.

You also produce a huge amount of biomass which you return to the soil and enrich the soil.

Simple Ways Of Maintaining Beautiful Healthy Sunflowers

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