Skip Laurel Growth Rate – A Complete Guide

Do you know the skip laurel growth rate or are you struggling to find out why yours is not growing or how far they should grow each year?

Skip Laurel Growth Rate

Skip laurel hedges create more neat compact hedges when pruned because they are smaller than the other laurel types. 

A hardy plant that withstands tough cold weather up to -10 degrees Drought and deer resistant plant Fresh and glossy evergreen foliage that is attractive all year round Grows easily even in difficult conditions Can be trimmed into beautiful hedges

Characteristics Of Skip Laurel

If your laurel is not growing quickly enough, there are some ways you can speed up the process.  There are several ways you can use that include,

How To Encourage Faster Growth Of Skip Laurel Bushes

Watering Regularly

Your laurel may be stunted in growth due to a lack of enough water.  Even though this plant tolerates dry soil and tough growing conditions, it is best to give it the best-growing atmosphere. 

Adding a well-balanced fertilizer is a great way to encourage laurel growth.  New laurels that are struggling to establish a growth system can get be fed with a natural ...

Adding A Fertilizer

This plant thrives in most soil types but if your soil is heavy or sandy, add a layer of compost to better the chances of your plant growing better. 

Choosing The Right Soil For Your Skip Laurel Trees

Pruning The Heads

Over time, the bottom branches of this tree can become bare while the top is heavy and thick with foliage. 

Skip laurel trees’ growth rate is average and we have learned how to encourage faster growth in case it is not growing at the right rate.  No matter where you plant your skip laurel, you will get dense glossy evergreen foliage – that’s assured.