Snow Removal Tool For Roofs – A Guide

If you live in an area that has heavy snow in winter, it is critical to own a snow removal tool for roofs to help clear snow from your roofs. Excessive roof snow is dangerously heavy and can form destructive ice dams.  The snow roof rake can clean your roof of any snow, leaving it safe and dry.

Choosing The Right Snow Removal Tool For Roofs

A roof rake is an excellent tool to help you clear off the excess snow from your roof. It comprises a blade and an extending handle.   These are the two most important things to consider when buying one.

The Blade The roof rake blades come in two types: – A slicer – it functions like a cheese slicer – A scoop – it’s shaped like a traditional snow shovel Slicer-blade Snow Rake Slicer-blade roof rakes are operated by pushing them upward rather than pulling them downward. This blade operates against the grain, so it must have wheels or coasters to avoid damaging the shingles.

Scoop-blade Snow Rake These blades are operated by placing them at the top of the roof and dragging them towards the ground. This movement allows the force of gravity to help you clear the snow. The Extending Handle Besides the blade, look for a rake that extends far enough to reach the roofline. It must also be light enough for you to lift it and use it comfortably. Most roof rakes come with an adjustable pole that can go up to 14 to 22 feet high and be shortened to 8 feet for storage purposes. 

Snow Removal Tool For Roofs – A Guide

Snow removal tools for roofs should only be used when standing firmly on the ground.  We recommend that you don’t use it when standing on a ladder.