Solution To Keeping Rats From Eating Your Succulents 

It’s a fact of life: pests like rats and mice love to nibble on the green foliage of a garden full of plants. 

How do I keep rats from eating my succulents?

The best way to keep rats from eating your succulents is to get rid of the rats. Poison and traps are effective. A cat helps as well.

If you have rats around you will find that leaves and stems are gnawed and you will see rat droppings. 

What are the signs of rats in the garden?

What are the signs of rats in the garden?

If you go to the garden at night with a flashlight you will also see them scurrying around. The best time is about an hour or two after sunset. 

There are many nocturnal creatures that can eat plants, but if the plant has gnaw marks on its leaves the chances are it is a rat. 

What is eating my succulents at night?

Rats are omnivores—that means they eat anything they can find. Rats will eat almost any plant material, including wood, paper, and even plastic. 

What plants do rats eat?

What plants do rats eat?

They are especially fond of plants that contain high-calorie foods, such as corn, sugar, and peanuts. 

What plants do rats eat?

Their diets can vary widely depending on what type of food is available, but all rodents are opportunistic feeders.

Prevention is better than cure – keep rat populations low with poisons and traps and you will have a safe garden and a safe house.

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