The Best Way to Cut a Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe is a versatile and delicious fruit. A part of the melon family, it possesses a mildly sweet taste and tends to have a musky odor that lets you know when it has ripened. Cutting through a cantaloupe can be difficult, though.

How to Choose the Best Cantaloupe

Before you can cut a cantaloupe, you need to make sure you have a ripe specimen. Melons that are either under ripe can be ridiculously hard, making them seem like stones. If the cantaloupe is overripe, it will be soft but will taste nasty and ...

A single serving possesses enough vitamin A to fulfill your daily requirement and enough vitamin C to be 80% of that same requirement. This melon is additionally an excellent source of fiber, which promotes digestive health, and also of potassium.

How Nutritious is a Cantaloupe?

Once you have a good knife, place your cantaloupe on a cutting board. Then, cut it down the middle. You will need to most likely saw through the hard external skin to reach the soft internal flesh. Once the melon is halved, remove the stem and the seeds from the center.

How to Cut a Cantaloupe

What to Eat With It

One of the most popular recipes for cantaloupe is mixing it in delicious fruit salads with other muskmelons. This means utilizing the fruit fresh and consuming it with honeydew and watermelon.

The Best Way to Cut a Cantaloupe

Cutting a cantaloupe doesn’t have to be a difficult process and is actually made much easier by choosing a ripe melon and approaching the task with the proper tools. This versatile fruit works great in numerous recipes and tastes amazing.