Things You Must Know About Boston Fern Roots

Boston fern roots have balls that are around the size of a grape on their roots which are known as root noodles.

Boston Fern: Interesting Facts About Them

Boston fern plants can attain a height of 40 to 90 cm and they can even go as high as 1.5 meters.

The plant helps keep our home safe from toxic substances such as toluene, xylene, and formaldehyde.

Boston Fern Roots

You will notice these balls in the root of a matured Boston fern when you pull the plant root up for transplanting or repotting.

The round balls of nodules seen in the root of Boston fern are also known as “bulbils”

These fern nodules assist Boson fern to absorb moisture as well as nutrients in the soil.

What Is The Function Of Root Nodules On Boston Ferns

How To Propagate Boston Fern Root Nodules

The plant can as well be propagated by simply planting the root nodules.

Provide some moisture to the potting soil and each of the pots should be placed inside a plastic bag just to establish a greenhouse-like condition.

The plant is lovely to have in our homes and it offers good health benefits by serving as an air-purifier.

Things You Must Know About Boston Fern Roots

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