Tips For Planting, Growing, And Harvesting Onions

Onions are used all around the world as a food, but also as a home remedy of sorts. 

When To Plant Onions?

If you decide to plant onions in the fall, keep in mind that they should get at least 4 weeks of temperatures that aren't cold. 

To plant a set of onions, take sets that are less than an inch wide (in diameter) and plant them 4 inches apart.

How to Plant Onions?

How to Care for Onions?

If there are regular amounts of rain in your area, you don't need to water them at all. You should only water your onions if you live in a particularly dry area, 

When it comes to fertilization, you should fertilize once a month if you want to get big onion bulbs. 

How to Care for Onions?

In early summer if you planted them in the fall, while spring-planted onions are usually ready for the harvest in early fall. 

How to Harvest Onions?

Do Onions Suffer From Health Issues?

They also prone to Onion White Rot, which is a type of fungus that's particularly damaging to onions.

Do Onions Suffer From Health Issues?

 It's likely that your onions will rot if they contract this fungus. There's still no chemical solution to take care of this problem.

 If you’re wondering how late can you plant onions, know that they should have at least 4 weeks under the ground to prepare themselves for the winter. 

A Complete Guide On Tips For Planting Growing And Harvesting Onions

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