Top List On How To Measure And Use A Rain Gauge

Life without water would be like a day without night. Everyone needs water, and I can’t imagine a world without a good source of water. 

There are different types of rain gauge but the two major types are: – Recording rain gauge – Non-recording rain gauge The non-recording rain gauges help collect the rain without recording the particular amount collect. While the recording rain gauges require calibration for accurate recording. Some of the recording rain gauges include measuring cylinder rain gauge, floating rain gauge, optical rain gauge, and tipping bucket rain gauge.

How To Measure Rain With A Rain Gauge?

1. Measuring With A Non-Recording Rain Gauge These types of rain gauges collect rain without accurate measurement. A Symons Rain Gauge is a perfect example of a non-recording rain gauge. It has a funnel, and metal bottle receiver that comes in a cylinder shape.

1. Optical Rain Gauge For a digital rain gauge, this is quite efficient. It uses optical detectors and lasers. Through the laser-optical detector gap where rain falls, you would notice the lightning level reduce. 1. Measuring Cylinder Rain Gauge It comprises a funnel and a large graduated measuring cylinder. The best part is that measuring cylinder rain gauge is the simplest so far. Place the funnel above the measuring cylinder to collect rain. You can measure rain directly as the water fills the jar.

1. Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge A funnel has the job of collecting rainfall that will be directed to a cylinder and a bucket. The bucket will tip when water gets to a certain level, then you can bring in the next bucket. Since it is a digital rainfall meter or gauge, it works with a computer system. 

1. Floating Rain Gauge This rain gauge comes with a funnel that connects to the floating compartment. You would notice the float rise as water fills up the funnel. When the float rises, rainfall is traced and recorded to a rotating drum. A level system is present and it works with the pen. This is an easy measuring gauge to use.

Measuring rainfall can be thrilling if you know how to use it right. Rain gauges come in different forms and types, and they are all set to help you get the best result.


Top List On How To Measure And Use A Rain Gauge