Triclopyr Or Dicamba?

Most weeds are usually unwanted and annoying so it’s only logical to want a solution to getting rid of these unwanted weeds. Triclopyr or dicamba can be a reliable herbicide to use on your weeds.

What Exactly Is Triclopyr?

Triclopyr is a type of herbicide used in agricultural applications. This herbicide is mostly formulated for turfgrass and is also used around certain landscape plants.

is another type of systematic herbicide or selective herbicide used for post-emergent control of broadleaf weeds in corn, soybeans, and a variety of other food. It is used as a weed control measure in residential areas.


Broadleaf Herbicide With Triclopyr Or Dicamba

Triclopyr or dicamba are good herbicides that can be used for the control of different broadleaf weeds and this includes right of way, forestry, railways, industrial areas, rangeland, and home lawns. 

Creeping Charlie which is also referred to as ground ivy is a member of the mint family that is a type of perennial invasive weed. It is usually referred to as ground ivy because of its appearance as well as growth habit or style.

Triclopyr Or Dicamba For Creeping Charlie

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Products With Triclopyr Or Dicamba

Precautions To Note While Using These Herbicides

It is important you follow instructions and use these herbicides according to the label directions rate. Also, instructions regarding the time of application and the type of weed to be targeted should be followed.

Tricolpyr or dicamba are both great herbicides you can use to deal with some tough weeds that may be giving you trouble. These two herbicides are both systematic types and this means they can easily enter through a plant’s root, stem, and foliage and they will gradually cause damage to the plant system.


Triclopyr Or Dicamba?