Understanding Avocado Tree With Fruit

Growing a bonsai avocado tree is a special adventure. If you get it right you may get a bonsai avocado tree with fruit. 

Avocado Trees 101

Avocado trees are native to central and South America.

If you grow an avo from seed, you must understand that this is a completely random event.

Understanding Avo Seeds

Avocado rootstocks determine the actual morphology of the resulting tree.

Understanding Avo Roots

How To Source A Good Avocado Tree To Get A Bonsai Avocado Tree With Fruit

There is no point growing a bonsai avocado tree with fruit in a very small pot – this will just be disappointing. 

Pot Size

For my avocado trees that survived I found beach sand and washed it to remove the salt. 


When you plant an avocado you must understand how it grows in nature.

Companion Plant

Even if you have a “dwarf” avo – trust me these things just don’t really do “dwarf” properly. 


As mentioned earlier, avos feed in the top few inches of soil around the trunk. 


Do not believe all the funny adverts you see on Instagram and some posts on Youtube where people have these miracle avos that just drip fruit after a year. 

Years To First Fruit

Avocadoes need pollination. Solitary bees are ideal pollinators for them. Honeybees are too. If you have honeybees in your area they will help out. If not, buy a solitary bee nesting site. 


Understanding Avocado Tree With Fruit