Understanding The Best Growing Conditions For Aloe Vera

It’s best to learn what temperature does aloe vera grow in to provide it with the right growing conditions.

The coldest temperatures are 50 degrees and below.

How cold is too cold for Aloe vera?

Can aloe survive 40 degrees?

Aloe vera cannot survive at 40 degrees F as it is too cold for this plant.

The lowest temperature that aloe can survive under is 50 degrees F.  Anything lower than this will kill the plant.

Aloe plants need plenty of direct sunlight throughout their growing season.

Do aloe plants need a lot of sun?

During the cold season, it's best to place your plant next to a window that brings in light and adjusts the temperature indoors upwards.

What temp can aloe vera survive?

Temperatures that range between 50 to 85 degrees F will make your aloe plant thrive.

It is important to keep checking the temperature as the weather changes.

Understanding The Best Growing Conditions For Aloe Vera

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