What Are The Most Common Weeds In Oregon?

If you live in Oregon and you’re starting a garden, you’re probably wondering what are the most common weeds in Oregon. 

Weeds Of Central Oregon

The most common weeds in central Oregon are the Bur Buttercup, Tumble Mustard, the Common Mallow, the Dandelion, the White Clover, and the Black Medic.

The key to managing weeds is understanding the individual plant. This begins by identifying them! Weed identification in Oregon shouldn’t be too difficult, as the weed population isn’t that high nor is it too diverse. 

Managing Weeds

Once you’ve successfully identified weeds, you can develop a plan on how to eradicate them. Even though some gardeners jump at the opportunity to use a herbicide, this isn’t always the best idea.

Controlling Weed Through Culture Control

Herbicides are the go-to solution for many gardeners, and that’s not without question. Pairing them with cultural control methods can prove to be very effective if you’re looking to eradicate weeds.

Controlling Weed by Herbicides

In summation, the most common weeds in Oregon are the Black Medic, Cheatgrass, the Bur Buttercup, the Dandelion, the Tumble Mustard, and the Russian Thistle. 


What Are The Most Common Weeds In Oregon?