What Does It Mean When There Are Lots Of Dragonflies

Ever seen a swarm of dragonflies flying past you and wondered what does it mean when there are lots of dragonflies in your area?

The one primary reason why you have an abnormal swarm of dragonflies in your yard is primarily because of water proximity. If you have a pool or standing water from recent rainfall, dragonflies will visit your yard because they are attracted to the water.

What Does It Mean When There Are Lots Of Dragonflies In Your Area

So What Attracts Them To Your Yard?

Water is the number one cause of an influx of dragonflies. However, there are other reasons that may attract these insects to your yard. They include

As we have mentioned above dragonflies, love water. They are attracted by streams, ponds, or any mushy type of landscape.

Stagnant Water

Another reason you may have plenty of these invasive insects in your yard could be due to bugs infesting in your yard.

Availability Of Other Bugs

Weather is a significant contributor to dragonfly infestation.

Weather Conditions

Types Of Dragonflies Swarms

A static swarm is a smaller group of dragonflies flying in a small area. These dragonflies swarm around for feeding purposes.

Static Swarms

A migratory swarm features hundreds of dragonflies flying together.  These swarms are similar to butterflies or birds who migrate to warmer weather together when it comes to wintertime.

Migratory Swarm

There is so much to look forward to this Fall, from the latest hip-hop release by UnitThese insects are attracted to mosquitoes and stagnant water. The best way to get rid of dragonfly infestation in your yard is to eliminate any stagnant water, which will, in turn, eliminate mosquitoes.ed World Records to genres you didn't even know existed. 

Eliminating These Insects From Your Yard

Next time a fellow gardener asks what does a swarm of dragonflies means you are now in a better position to answer them not with myths but the correct information.


What Does It Mean When There Are Lots Of Dragonflies