What Is A Self-Watering Planter and How Does It Work?

Many people with plants think about using a self-watering planter since it takes one thing off your plate.

What is a self watering planter?

Self watering planters are essentially pots that have a reservoir for water at the bottom of the pot


How does self watering planter work?

These planters are pretty simple! They have a container for water in the bottom of the planter, where the roots of the plant stretch easily. 

Know that the only thing the planter needs from you is to refill the container every now and again. 

How to use a self watering planter?

This period depends on the size of the container and the amount of water your plant needs. 

Some planters would need you to refill them once a week, others can last for a much longer time before refill.

This minimizes the amount of responsibility you have.

What Is A Self-Watering Planter and How Does It Work?

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